Essential Manicure (25 minutes) 25
This weekly manicure maintenance is to help your nails clean, nicely shape and stay in good condition.
Service includes: Nail trim, shape, cuticle care, hand massage and polish of your choice or natural nails buff.
Royal Treatment Manicure (30 minutes) 35

Our Royal Treatment manicure includes an essential manicure with nail trim, shape, cuticle care, hand massage, paraffin treatment and polish. The paraffin treatment will provide excellent results to soften the skin, leaving moisture giving your hand very soft and smooth.

Shellac/ Gel Manicure (45 – 60 minutes) 38

Our Shellac/ gel manicure includes an essential manicure and finish with gel color of your choice.

– The benefit of this gel manicure is no drying time, no chip, no smudge.

– Natural feeling wear, high shine and durable.
– Could last up to 14 days of wear with extra care and minimal interaction with water or chemicals.
– Customers will benefit from using our top quality gel from famous manufacturers.  Besides using domestic top gel brands, we are also using famous gel brands from Japan and Korea which is pigmented, non toxic, healthy ingredients to giving our clients a healthy and long lasting manicure.

Gel Builder Manicure (60 – 90 minutes) 50

Built to last, this premium gel is to promote the beauty and healthy of natural nails, providing structure for strength, protecting natural nails and keeping gel color last long.

– Solution for clients who has a thin, bendy and brittle nail bed that a regular shellac manicure does work, this builder gel will work well due to its flexibility formula and it lasts much longer compared a regular shellac manicure.

– Can be wear alone as a sheer, nude finished or can be used under any shellac gel color for extra strength.

– It is also a good upgrade from regular shellac manicure clients who want to keep up beautiful, healthy natural nails without going through chemical soaked off every time. The gel color will be removed and a thin layer of builder gel will stay leaving the healthy barrier between natural without touching it. It can be filled every 2 weeks when it’s time for another manicure or can be completely soaked off after a few services.



Our essential pedicure is to keep your feet look pretty, clean, and healthy condition.
Service includes foot soak, nail trim, shape, cuticle care, callus softening, foot scrubs, hot stone massage, warm towel wrap, and polish of your choice.


Our luxury pedicure is a unit combination of essential oil and herbs that are used to soften skin, relieve stress, tension, calm, healing, relaxing, and moisturizing,… leaving your feet restored and super silky.
Service includes:

– Soak: with essential oil flavor of your choice: lavender, rose, peppermint,…

– Nail Care:  nail trim and shape to desired length, cuticle and callus are taken care of

– Sugar Scrub: exfoliating roughness & dry skin, leaving it soft

– Mud mask: deep clean & detoxing

– Foot massage good for circulation and relaxing

– Hot stone massage therapy

– Warm paraffin treatment: helps softening skin

– Butter: Block in moisture with smooth and super silky

– Finish with nail polish or no polish.

Our Royal Treatment Pedicure Collection includes:

(Same concept, different flavors)

  • Relaxing Lavender
  • Refreshing Peppermint
  • Renewing Rose
  • OnSen
  • Prenatal Pedicure (Non scent)

ONSEN PEDICURE: Inspired by the Onsen Hot Spring, the ancient part of the Japanese culture is known to have many skin and medical benefits. The combination of hot water and mineral in onsen open up clogged pores and removes toxins, leaving the skin soft and supple. This pedicure product is imported from South Korea. Service includes same steps with Royal Treatment Pedicure.


This magical treatment is designed for a mom to be during her pregnancy. This pedicure focus on working on a sensitive, dry skin, swollen feet, tired feet, helps to improve circulation, release stress, giving her a relaxing moment while getting her foot pampered. Same steps as a Royal Treatment Pedicure but no paraffin instead she will be getting a longer foot massage.


Include an essential pedicure and finish with your color choice from our shellac gel color collection.


Include a royal treatment pedicure and finish with your choice of shellac gel color.

Manicure and Pedicure Package

Essential Mani & Pedi 55
Royal Treatment Mani+ Royal Treatment Pedi 85
Shellac Manicure + Essential Pedicure 70
Shellac Mani + Shellac Pedi 85

Nail Enhancement

  Gel-X Extension 

Gel-X is a full cover gel extensions. Tips are sculpted with soft gel materials not plastic. Which has more flexibility and durability, making it long lasting. They are thin but strong and natural looking. No odor, less filling, less damaging to natural nails. Importantly, it’s a soak-off formula.

– Work for clients who want instantly having long nail.
– The most gentle formula for nail extensions without damage to natural nails. No heavy feeling compared to others extensions.

– Various of  shapes and lengths, customer can choose from the most natural to extreme. Length can be short, medium to long, shape can be extreme even with coffin or stiletto shape.

– This gel set is ideally last 2-4 weeks depending on natural nail conditions, after care and frequent interaction with water or chemical related. Also, gel-X is made to wear 1 time and is not designed to be filled or colors change service. It could possibly be filled (10- 14 days of wear) but not refer due to quality and durability and we don’t offer this fill service at our salon.

Gel -X Extension Fullset (60 – 90 minutes) 60
Gel -X Extension Fullset + Prior Gel-X Removal 70

Hard Gel Extension


This premium gel is lightweight, strong and durable, no odor, less damage to natural nails. This gel nail service is luxury, it’s custom built to fit so it requires some time from 1,5 to 2 hours for a set of nails depending on clients’ natural nail length.

– This gel nails can be filled every  2 weeks.

– Works best for medium length of nail extensions,  practical length and shape but not too extreme. If you desire to a long or extra long length and extreme coffin or stiletto shape, this nail set is not for you, please refer to gel-X instead.

Hard Gel Extension Fullset (1,5 – 2 hours) $70- $80
Hard Gel 2 Weeks Fill $55 – $60


– Nails enhancement removal only apply for existing clients: surcharge, appointment required for extra time.

– No foreign nail enhancement removal including acrylic, hard gel, poly gel, builder gel, or dip. We only offer to remove the nail set that we applied because we know what product that we used on and approximately how long it would take to be removed. Therefore, new clients must come with bare nails.

– No foreign fill. We only work on products that we know. Some products from different brands work differently and may not melt together which can cause allergy reaction or lifting problems.

– No work on damaged nails or nails with an infection. If you have any of those nails condition please seek for treatment or healing before receiving services.

– Nail art please text for assistance before making an appointment.

Thank you for visiting the Royal Nail Salon.

We look forward to serving you for your own personal pampering experience